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Bklyn Bento

STAY COOLer - The Rock-Solid Kick A** Cooler That Keeps Stuff Colder, Longer

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24 HOUR ICE RETENTION: When you’re chilling with friends all day long, you need a cooler that keeps beverages chilled ALL DAY LONG.  And if the good times roll into the following day, no worries.  This cooler will keep your stuff COLDER, LONGER.     

HOLD 24 CANS OF BEER (WITH ICE): We’ve noticed other brands mention how many cans the cooler holds, but without ice?  That seems a little silly to us.  You need room for ice.  Our cooler packs a solid 24 Cans… With Room For Ice.

BEST IN CLASS CLOSED CELL INSULATION: Does the kind of insulation used make a difference?  Sure does.  We use Best-In-Class CLOSED CELL INSULATION.  Same as the “other guys” who make high-end coolers.  We’re not knocking them, we like their products.  We just like ours better (and think you will too).  We also sell ours at a fraction of their price.

ULTRASONIC WELDED SEAMS: Seams also matter?  Yup, they sure do!  We use Ultrasonic Welded Seams which is hands down the best way to seam a cooler. 

ROCK CLIMBING ROPE SHOULDER STRAP: We couldn’t think of a better way to carry this Rock-Solid Kick A** Cooler than with a Rock-Climbing Rope.  Form and Function at its very best.

OTHER COOL FEATURES INCLUDE: (1) Waterproof Zipper (2) Magnetic Handles (3) Bottle Opener (4) Cargo Net Storage (on back of cooler).