Bklyn Bento Wide-Mouth Vacuum Insulated Water Bottle Comes With All 3 Lid Options: (1) Chug (2) Straw and (3) Coffee Lid (White / 16oz)

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Bklyn Bento Stainless Steel Insulated Water Bottle With 3 Multi-Function Lids (White / 16oz)

  • CHUG LID vs STRAW LID vs COFFEE LID: No need to stress over which lid you want… you get all 3!  Because sometimes you want chug, and other times you’d rather sip.  And of course, you always need your morning coffee.  All lids are Leak-Proof.

  • HEY, WILL THIS FIT IM MY CAR’S CUP HOLDER? Yup! Our water bottles fit perfect in a car’s cup holder.  We wouldn’t do it any other way. 

  • BEST VACUUM INSULATION TECHNOLOGY (WITH COPPER LINING): How do you improve upon a Double-Walled, Vacuum Insulated Water Bottle? Simple. Add an Interior Copper Lining. This advanced design technology helps improves the Thermal Insulation in our Bklyn Bento Water Bottles. Keeping your beverages colder or hotter longer.

  • SAY AHHH...(WITH A NICE WIDE MOUTH): We designed our Water Bottles with a Wide Mouth. This makes cleaning and adding ICE CUBES super easy!

  • DON'T SWEAT THE SMALL STUFF: Our Copper Lined, Triple-Walled water bottles will not transfer heat or cold to the outer walls. That means your Bklyn Bento water bottle never feels hot or cold while holding in your hands. This also means “No Condensation” or “Sweat” will build up on this water bottle; keeping the inside of your travel bag nice and dry.

  • ECO & ENVIRONMENTAL FRIENDLY: Time to ditch those disposable plastic water bottles for good!  (and yeah, our products are BPA Free).

  • 24 HOUR COLD / 12 HOUR HOT: Cheers, and may you always have a cold beverage (or hot coffee) by your side.