Our Journey Into Wholesale

Our Journey Into Wholesale

For years we only sold direct to the consumer.  We remember turning down every wholesale inquiry that would randomly make their way into our inbox. 

We would tell ourselves how we enjoy having relationships with the end user of our products; and how their feedback helped us grow into the company we are today. 

We thought if we sold wholesale we might lose that “connection” with our customers.  We thought, why mess with a good thing? 

Looking back these concerns were unfounded.  They were excuses. Truth is, staying a strictly B2C company meant staying in our comfort zone. 

We finally decided to expand into B2B and began taking on wholesale accounts.  Ends up it was the right decision in more ways than one.  As with any new sales channel we hoped for (and somewhat expected) an increase in sales.  What we didn’t realize was how rewarding it was going to be to work with successful store owners.  Starting to sell wholesale also opened up another sales channel that was not on our radar… Corporate Gifting.  We’ll share our thoughts and experience with corporate gifting in an upcoming post.  

Our message to other B2C brands who are turning down wholesale accounts..give wholesale a shot. We think you’ll enjoy it!

If you’re a store owner and think our products are good match for you; let us know! 

To help simplify the process kindly fill out the wholesale application on our website:


You can also visit us on Faire’s wholesale platform here:


And learn more about our corporate gift
s here:


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